Health Insurance

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a personal coverage that supplements any other coverages and reduces the risk of an individual needing to rely on their own finances to pay those charges not covered by standard insurance benefits.

There are four different types of health insurance products.  Each is adapted for a particular stage of life or situation.  One of our advisors will be happy to discuss any or all of these options at your convenience.

Health Insurance Options: 


Personal Health Insurance

This provides benefits for health expenses not otherwise covered by your Provincial plan.  You have options that will include personal drug, dental, supplementary, and health and wellness.


Critical Illness

These are benefits that become payable after a life-altering illness.  If you are qualified, you receive a tax-free cash payment.  This may be used at your discretion, but is usually recommended that it bridge the gap between disability benefits and your previous income.  Some policies will return 100% of the premiums in the event of a qualified, critical illness.


Long Term Care

When the situation arises that you need additional physical or mental assistance in a care facility, this benefit will become available.  It is designed to protect your retirement income and still receive the care you need.



Should you become disabled through accident or illness, this benefit will help defray the costs of rehabilitation or other necessary expenditures.

Over time, most people will experience a serious health issue.  This can create a significant impact on your current or future financial plans.  We are able to discuss your options and provide guidance so that you can provide peace of mind for your family.