Group Insurance FAQ

If I leave my employer, do I keep my life insurance?

Most group life insurance offers the individual the option to convert the coverage to an individual policy without medical underwriting. That means you will begin paying the premiums on your own. The conversion period is usually 60 days of leaving the employment.

Where should I send the claim form if my spouse is covered through their job?

If you have coverage through your spouse and through your own employer, you will be able to process the claim through both payers. First submit the claim to the patient’s plan. The secondary plan will then cover the balance. For children, send the claim to the parent born earlier (the older parent). The other parent’s coverage will take care of the balance.

Can I change the coverage on insurance I already have?

The best time to adjust coverage levels is at the renewal date. Be sure to contact your advisor to discuss your options.

Is there a waiting period for the benefits to begin?

Depending on the employer’s contract with the insurer, the usual waiting period is 3 to 6 months.

Is travel emergency medical insurance included in a group plan?

Review the policy for details about this option.

Are all drugs covered under my plan?

Check with your insurance company to see exactly what is and is not covered. Some plans will exclude smoking cessation, obesity medication, fertility, or sexual enhancements.