Everyone loves maintaining healthy teeth and white; an energized mouth and pearly whites aren’t only aesthetic.

What Is Covered by Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance aids in covering eligible dental costs for plan participants and their families.

Dental Insurance coverage is different and typically depends on the requirements of the company seeking coverage. But, this type of insurance typically includes three types of coverage:

  • Essential Services – Include dental extractions, fillings, cleanings, and other minor or everyday dental tasks.
  • Major Restorative Services – bridges, dentures, crowns, and other dental work.
  • Orthodontic Services – braces and other services for correction.       

The coverage will differ based on the plan’s design. However, Dental Insurance often extends to dependents. Employees get advised to verify the scope of their provider or employer.

Dental Insurance vs. Accidental Dental Insurance

As the name suggests, Accidental Dental Insurance gets intended to cover just that kind of accident. Notably, the type of accidents generally has a higher cost.

Contrary to the norm, regular dental insurance is more about caring for oral health and teeth, including cleanings, fillings, and more expensive corrective procedures, including crowns, braces, and bridges.

It is vital to understand that although these two coverages sound similar, they are entirely different.

For example, Accidental Dental is part of an extended Health Benefit, not the usual Dental benefit. So, even if you do not have Dental coverage through the benefits package you receive from your employer, you could still be covered by Accidental Dental Insurance.

Group Dental vs. Individual Dental

Group Dental is available through your employee benefits plan or for individuals. Those without coverage through their employer can look for an individual remedy.

The shared premium cost is one benefit of the group dental plan. Employers who offer dental coverage for employees have to pay a minimum of 50 percent of the price of the premium. With individual insurance, there is no one to split the expense. Therefore the compensation is paid in whole by the policyholder.

What Is the Reason an Employer Would Want to Provide This Insurance?

The most popular and desired perks by employees are dental insurance. After reviewing our business block, we found that most companies provide dental as part of their benefits program. Employers who want to stay competitive and keep the best talent should consider the coverage provided by this benefits plan.

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